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About Ashton Nemdhari

Born and raised in Toronto Ontario I have spent the majority of my life in competitive sport.  My athletic journey started with baseball where I played competitively till the age of 14. As I grew my obsession became football where I would excel for my high school career and then go on to play Linebacker at the University of Windsor. As Fate would have it I would suffer an injury which halted my football aspirations however life would throw me a curve ball upon recovering.

I discovered Brazilian Jujitsu at the age of 18 years old and after graduating I became a Brazilian jujitsu junkie. Moving back to Toronto I would connect with World champion and fourth degree black belt Professor Omar Salvosa . I began working with Coach PK Mills Canadian Power lifting champion and strength/conditioning specialist as well as have trained Muay Thai  for years under renowned Muay Thai coach Kru Saji Bolo Owner of Pound 4 Pound MMA in Pickering. Through this coaching i turned into a well rounded fighter and athlete and thus my journey as an MMA fighter would begin. 

I have been extremely fortunate to train with some of the best coaches in Ontario and the USA. 

With my tremendous athletic experience and amazing support group around me, I began to spread my knowledge to others through Toronto personal training, Martial Arts Instruction as well as nutrition and personal development coaching. I’ve Worked with Kids and Teenagers showing them the joy of exercise and martial arts to older adults helping them gain strength, flexibility and balance to make sure they can enjoy life and prevent injuries in old age. I’ve also worked with elite martial artists, hockey and football athletes as well as golfers.

Ive worked with a vast array of clientele and am positive I can help you reach your personal goals as well.