“When I started training with Ashton, I was going into my fourth year experiencing symptoms related to post-concussion syndrome. Every time that I had attempted to get back into the gym on my own ended up in me only making things worse, and having to stop to recover again. Ashton had been in my shoes before with concussions and was able to design a plan for me that helped me to become stronger than I ever was before and get back to 100%. Instead of jumping right into training, we started with the basics, working to establish my balance, coordination, and other fundamentals that I had lost during the four year period. Eventually I got to a point where I was no longer experiencing intermittent symptoms and I developed a solid base to start building off of. After more than a year of training with Ashton, I am in the best shape that I have ever been in, feeling energized every day, and haven’t come close to hitting my ceiling yet. He has been a great friend and excellent to work with throughout the process.
— Creston
Game changer! 

As someone who started out not knowing much at all to having a new found love for fitness and Muay Thai I would highly recommend training with Ashton! 

He is an excellent coach and teacher! He takes the time to build positive relationships and understand personal concerns and goals. He works together with you to create fun and challenging workouts that yeild amazing results! His level of knowledge, skill and  professionalism is phenomenal. 

Staying consistent with my workouts and learning to challenge myself with Ashton changed my life. Best decision I ever made! 
— Safiyah
Ashton may be an MMA fighter however, he customizes training to fit individual goals.

I am a golfer - Age 63 (does that mean I am considered elderly now?? - smile). Ashton over the last two years has worked with me to develop core strength, dynamic balance and flexibility which are critical for maintaining a proper swing and avoiding the ravages of time especially as one ages.

I am proud to be associated with him and know that anyone no matter their personal goals would benefit from his coaching and training.
— Mike
I have trained with Ashton for the past 11 months and have found him to be highly professional and a great instructor. He is a great teacher and is totally focused on helping you get better and achieving your goals. I would highly recommend him!
— Paul
I worked with Ashton briefly as my personal trainer. I am sure that if I was able to continue with him I would have had the results I was aiming for! Ashton is patient, kind and well educated. He has loads of experience and is passionate about his mma training/competitions. However still when he was working with me as a personal trainer he was dedicated, focused and encouraging - which is exactly what I needed. I was a total beginner and hadn’t exercised in many years. I would highly recommend him.
— Natalie
Ashton is someone I have been training with for the past couple of years and he is an excellent personal trainer. I have specifically used him for boxing and he kicks my butt every time. I have learned a lot from him in terms of the proper techniques and feel myself getting stronger and better (and more coordinated) each time. He is both talented and passionate about what he doesn’t let you give up. His mixture of humour and toughness will keep you motivated even when you don’t think you have any energy left..
— Sue